MUMBO SAUCE: Our Legacy.

Mission. Values. Service.

As a kid growing up in a family business, there were lots of things that I took for granted.  Working weekends in our restaurants serving up delicious barbecue and summers in our manufacturing plant churning out warm cases of MUMBO SAUCE to be delivered to the local grocery stores was just another day at the office, so to speak.  I did not think about the challenges of entrepreneurship, the commitment and the grind required to operate three successful restaurants, what it took to create and launch a product or even the impact that our businesses had in the community; I was a teenager.  It was not until much later, after taking over the reign following my Dad’s retirement, that all of these things came into sharp focus.  I cannot tell you how many times I have had the pleasure of meeting someone who has shared a MUMBO memory:  “Your Dad gave me my first job!”, “I remember the jingle that ran on the radio when your restaurants were open.”, “My mom won the grill contest that you all sponsored and I took it to college!” or most often, “After a night out partying, Argia B’s Bar-B-Q was my favorite stop on the way home!”  These are just a few expressions of gratitude that remind me each day what our company means to those we serve.

This is the legacy of MUMBO SAUCE; creating memories that last a lifetime. A legacy that lives on in our mission today.

Our Mission

Creating memories around the grill and at every meal.

Our Core Values


To whom much is given much is required.

We believe in paying it forward.  We endeavor to be an instrument of positive social impact by supporting youth organizations that enrich the mind, body and spirit of those in underserved communities.  To this end, we will donate a portion of our sales proceeds to our partners in this effort. Click here to see our culinary interns in action. 


A good name is better than silver or gold. 

We strive to maintain a standard of excellence in the products we offer, in our relationship with our customers and in our relationship with our partners.


At the end of the day, the time we share with family and friends is what matters most.  We encourage you to reclaim family and friend time over a great meal or around the grill. Click here for some great recipes to get you started.

Allison Collins, owner of Mumbo Sauce BrandsEnjoy,
Allison E. Collins
2nd Generation Entrepreneur