Argia B, MUMBO SAUCE creator poses with brother Harvey

Every time I read the news these past weeks, I see another thought leader or celebrity delivering a commencement speech.  My turn.  What does barbecue sauce have to do with graduation?  Lots.

Dear Graduate,

Look at you! Ready to pour yourself into your next adventure. You celebrate today; you earned today, but you’ve been working toward today for a long time. They call it a commencement ceremony for a reason. It’s not about the culmination. It’s about new beginnings.  Please take a moment. Feel this moment. This is jubilation. You’ll want to remember this.


I know a thing or two about celebrations. I’m blessed because  MUMBO BBQ SAUCE often is a guest of honor at graduation parties, Father’s Day gatherings,  4th of July picnics,  family reunions.  And, best of all, we get to share in happiness.  When was the last time you saw a curmudgeon with sauce dripping off his fingers and face?

I want to talk to you about these little celebrations in the midst of your big one. Momentous events like yours are awesome, but come few in a lifetime. Please. Party today like nobody’s business, but also make it a priority to observe a million “ceremoments” – I just made that up—the WAHOOs of everyday life. When someone is kind to you. When you try something new. When you make someone laugh. When you work really hard for something.

BBQ Sauce Original Store

BBQ Sauce Original Store

Speaking of working really hard for something, Know what? I’m celebrating a rite of passage of my own today.  By God’s grace,  MUMBO® SAUCE is reaching the shelves of 80 Target stores in the Chicagoland area.  And yes, I’ll definitely be celebrating.  I’ll also be looking back 65 years ago when my dad, Argia B.  founded our family business and I’ll celebrate his vision and his dedication.  And, in honor of my dad, here’s his favorite recipe for bacon wrapped grilled shrimp .  Perfect for graduation parties (and Father’s Day barbecues).


Mumbo Target

Graduate, my advice to you is what I tell myself every day.

Be bold. Be tasteful. Be sweet. Be a sauce of inspiration.



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