Chef Kimberly Brock Brown’s Pro Tips for Food at the Family Reunion

Call her “Madam President” and follow it with a “Yes, Chef!” Kimberly Brock Brown is the new national president of the American Culinary Federation (ACF), a 92-year-old organization that is the largest professional chefs’ organization in North America. (Some of your favorite celebrity chefs are members.) She has the distinction of being the ACF’s first African American and woman president. Chef Kimberly’s culinary road has been paved with jobs as an executive pastry chef, a professional caterer and author. If anyone knows the ins and outs of feeding a family reunion, it is Kimberly Brock Brown.  Taking time from her … Read More

Planning a Family Reunion or Family Gathering? Take a Tip (or Two) from an Expert

The COVID-19 pandemic has cramped our family reunion styles in huge ways. Day-to-day time with relatives has been hampered by the dread of spread as well as social-distancing restrictions. Until the day when we are all free to convene and meet up en masse, we have consulted with a seasoned event planner with expertise in reunions, weddings and other family-oriented events for tips to assist you through the planning of in-person and virtual events.    Plan to gather.  Anthony Rodell, co-principal of Reid Rodell Event Planners based in Washington, D.C., believes we have little reason to stop planning our family … Read More

Celebrating the History and Heritage of the Bud Billiken Parade and Family Festival

Chicago Southsiders are ready for the return of the annual Bud Billiken Parade and Family Festival on Saturday, August 14. The Covid-19 pandemic thwarted last year’s celebration and is in-part abbreviating this year’s, but we will take it. This year is the 92nd annual parade and family festival. The theme is “Back to School, Back to Life, Back to Bud Billiken.” Produced by the Chicago Defender Charities, it is the largest Black parade in the world, and the second largest parade in the country. The 92nd anniversary will pay homage to tradition while embracing contemporary culture and talent. The tradition … Read More

4 Chicago Black-Owned Food Brands that Join Us in Supporting the Bud Billiken Parade

When you talk about Chicago and food, we believe that you cannot talk about it without mentioning some of the best-loved family and heritage brands in the City. We support them and believe you should know more about them and support them too as they join us in celebrating the return of the 92nd Bud Billiken Day Parade.  The Parker House Sausage Company  Parker House sausage and deli meats have been a Chicagoland staple since 1919, when Judge H. Parker, who came to Chicago from Montgomery County, Tennessee began selling his homemade sausages from the back of a horse-drawn cart. … Read More

Allison Collins’s Love for Family and Legacy Equals Chicago Summer Love

Select Brands, LLC’s CEO Allison Collins has built a lifestyle around a family love that spills over to her love for Chicago, Chicagoans, and summers in The Windy City. As the daughter of business legend Argia B. Collins Sr., she cannot help but find inspiration and love where her father prospered and supported others in the communities that supported him.    What are some of  your favorite things about Chicago summers?   There are so many things but the best place to start is Bud Billiken Day, which is like one big family reunion. Bud Billiken Day brings excitement each … Read More