Ad Age: Mumbo Sauce Targeting 30 Major Cities

Ad Age

Ad Age Editor’s Pick An intimidating matriarch who lords over the party buffet is the star of the first-ever TV campaign for Mumbo Sauce, the beloved barbecue condiment created in Chicago in the 1950s by entrepreneur and restaurateur Argia B. Collins. A pair of no-frills spots from South Carolina’s Brown and Browner Advertising center on a typical family gathering and its familiar spread of pot-luck dishes. Someone, however, has decided to improvise on the lineup of fare, upsetting the mealtime equilibrium preferred by the group’s grand dame. In one ad, she assesses the dishes and discovers an anomaly. “Baked beans weren’t … Read More

How to get Uninvited

How to get uninvited

Watch our cute video on How to Get Uninvited from a Gathering. Don’t mess with the family recipes!